Tuesday, April 11, 2006

q&a brouhaha

It seems the blog is heating up over the contentious issue of works in the role of salvation. While the mother church has always espoused works as a necessary requirement for salvation, even then they cannot and will not guarantee the security of the pilgrim. Rather, they promote a regimen of penance mixed with a healthy dose of charitable and self sacrificing efforts to swing the poor souls chances of avoiding the fires of hell. The prospective candidate is then encouraged to much self introspection and examination of their works to prove the merit of God's grace. Perhaps the rest of the rebellious children are finally catching on and returning home as they have always wanted?


bobby grow said...

Nice rhetorical work here, Jim! Richard Sibbes used the same device against the Calvinist/Puritans of his day. He condemned the works/righteousness implicit in the Puritan framework, to their faces, subtley using the despised "trojan horse" that the Roman Catholic church provided for such ridicule. By arguing this way he indirectly condemned his Calvinist brothers theology by ironically drawing parallel's between them and the RC. The apostle Paul argued the same way, rhetorically in I Cor 1--4.

You're genius, Jim ;)!

Jim said...

Whatever are you talking about Bobby? ;~)

Jim said...

Whatever are you talking about Bobby? ;~)

Rose~ said...

Jim, you are quite good in your unspoken observation. I was a Catholic as a young girl and rejected it. I have no desire to return to guilt when Christ has given me the right to be called a child of God for simply believing in His name. That is freedom! ...freedom to work for Him. I appreciate Bobby's contribution of the historical theology tidbit. I love that about Bobby.

Jim said...

Thanks Rose,

Having a limited exposure to the RC, I nonetheless cannot stomach even the slightest reference to their theology and practice. Truly nothing is more revolting to God than the religion of a carnal soul. It is the offerings of Cain over and over again.

Freedom in Christ, amen!.

Joe said...

Freedom in Christ, indeed!

James Fletcher Baxter said...

Ever since Jesus died on the cross, and the veil of the temple Holy of Holies parted from the top down, God has validated each individual.

He no longer requires an intermediary between the individual bekliever and God Himself.

A recent comment says it well. "A priest is no more necessary for Christianity than is a politician needed for patriotism."


Jim said...

James, welcome here! I say a hearty amen to your comments!

Praise the Lord the veil has been forever removed between us and God, made possible by the sacrifice of our precious Saviour.

In Christ,

Antonio said...

Hey Jim,

I am glad that you are continuing to bear the torch.


Jim said...

Antonio, nice to hear from you brother. I miss your lively posts and thoughts.

I am learning that the Christian life is a marathon that we cannot win overnight. So too, we must diligently contend for the faith and not lose heart. It is the little battles where ground is won or lost.

We look forward to more edifying and God honouring messages and thoughts on your blog.

All the blessings to you and the family.

In Christ,

Jonathan Moorhead said...

Nice work Bobby.

Nellie Bellie said...

Praise the Lord Jesus for being our High Priest!