Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Q&A Round II

Ok, Frank the Centurion has found another willing contender for his Q&A blog. HK Flynn has taken up the gauntlet and will now challenge Frank starting with a volley from the book of James. Don't miss the action, the agony of defeat, and the thrill of victory as these two equally determined opponents strive for technical mastery over one another.

Will Frank be wearing a new egg makeup soon? Or will Jodie make a fatal mistake allowing the Cent to take advantage of any weak link in her armor? Stay tuned for the latest development in the latest FG vs. Calv. debate.

Finally, will truth emerge as victorious or will rhetoric and linguistic gymnastics prevail once again leaving a cloudy film of obscurity as the smoke clears.


Rose~ said...

I learned a lot reading Jodie's thoughts. At first they were a little blurry to me, but by the 4th question, I saw it. What did you think about the ending?

Jim said...

Hi Rose, I think Jodie did fairly well on this debate. She has a great ability to keep her cool and not take the bait that Frank leaves out.

However, I was a bit disappointed she quoted so much from Hodges and would have preferred her defense to be a bit more Biblically based.

Having said that, her last answer was quite to the point and I think exposed the basic flaw in the modern calvinist's thinking.

All this talk of false converts and false faith and spiritual defectors is not really healthy. This problem is largely due to the poor spiritual quality of many churches today, but should not be used to interpret the NT writings. The NT church did not simply consist of a preacher and a congregation meeting for one hour a week, but was a dynamic and life changing experience in which mutual fellowship, exhortation, and care were expressed by all the body one for another. At least, that was the expected norm. Any else was considered inferior and Paul and James both addressed carnal attitudes in the believers lives.

Sadly today, we do not experience the reality of that NT church life and therefore many members do not build their faith but remain spiritual babes tossed to and fro by every wind of debate and heresy in the church. That is the reason for all this second guessing and great introspection regarding saving faith.

Rose~ said...

You are so right! Can I post part of that comment (not about the Debate blog or any names, but just about the ideas) some time on my blog for people who don't read here? That was very well put.

Jim said...

Rose, feel free to use this material in an appropriate manner wherever you see fit.

God bless,