Saturday, January 28, 2006

Why Dost Thou Bloggest?

A few days ago, I noticed an article on someone's blog site about whether or not to blog. The author had pointed out that there were approximately 50 million blog sites currently with many of them producing nothing better than fluff. He also mentioned how our time could be spent more wisely and profitable doing other things. While I would wholeheartedly agree much time can be wasted on these sites, both reading and writing, I also think there can be much benefit as well. Let me explain...

First of all, our typical sources for news and information are the major media outlets. However we have come to realize that most if not all media has a biased approach to delivering their news according to a preset agenda. Sadly, much of today's so called news is nothing more than promoting current events through the lens of a humanistic and atheistic philosophy. The result is that we tend to feel overwhelmed and discouraged at the happenings around us. Furthermore, we are not receiving the truth much of the time as the editors couch the story in such a way to "color" the events to their favour. Now that may seem overly harsh but like they say, the truth hurts. Of course this does not discount completely the reporting of journalists and writers.

The benefit of the blog is that the common man or amateur can have a voice in the daily goings on. In fact, blogs are even beginning to influence policy makers in the halls of government. Talk about virtual democracy.

But the biggest reason I see for blogging, at least in the Christian realm, is the opportunity for fellowship. How else would I meet so many interesting characters? My initiation came through my acquaintance and brother in Christ, Daniel. From his site I discovered many weird and wonderful creatures such as the Centuri0n, the champion of literary causes. Then there was Pecadillo, the familial sidekick of Pyromaniac, another giant of literature proportions. Phil Johnson, aka pyromaniac, seems to have spread the fire bug and infected some new members to his team blog. I guess that is the latest trend in the blogosphere? It seems I have stumbled into a world of highly intellectual, young aspiring theologians, all eager to grind their spiritual axes. I am reminded of that verse, as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. Ok, so some of the sharpening seems more like chopping, but we all mean well, right? Then there is Rose with her level headed reasoning’s, attempting to clear the smoke in some of the thickest battles. Of course when we all needed a break from the battle we would head over to Mark's Purgatorio for some gut wrenching laughter and frivolity. Another guy with some serious humour is a greatly undiscovered Aussie going under the pseudonym "The Teak".

Well no rest for the spiritually discerning! The flag of an opposing theology was sighted on the horizon and all hands were bolstered to stem off the invading foe. The esteemed and tried stalwart of the faith, Reformed Calvinism, was the target of a single handed assault by the lone stranger, Antonio. Unabated by stiff cross fire and smoke screen, the lone stranger continued to advance upon the bulwarks of the mighty fortress flying the bright colors of the tulip flower.

One by one, the many peons lining the walls began to fire their inaccurate and weak volleys, which rather than aid the defence simply added to the noise and confusion of the battle. As our fearless hero began to scale the mighty walls of Castle Von Tulip, the cry went up for reinforcements. Suddenly the crack troops appeared who began firing well aimed rapid bursts of HE (highly educated) shells. Feeling the heat of these targeted shots, the lone stranger began to buckle under the weight of his burden. Just when it seemed like he would lose his foothold on the walls, a trumpet was heard far off in the distance.

He turned to see his faithful companion Tonto galloping up at full speed. As he looked back again through the haze of battle, he began to notice faint silhouettes appearing at the edge of the forest. Led by Captain Cautious, this ragtag group of loosely connected individuals slowly approached the raging battle. Carefully trying to discern friend from foe, they scanned the horizon. Almost instantly a shout rose up from the elderly Lieutenant Wisely. Unable to hear him clearly amidst the roar of cannon fire, Captain Cautious crawled over the rubble to get closer to the aged soldier. He looked up in horror to see exactly what the Lieutenant had been yelling about. There hiding and yet quite visible in the yonder foothills was the flag of General Diablo's forces flying brazenly above his black steed.

For a moment Cautious was breathless, if the enemy was there on the sidelines then who were they actually fighting against? Slowly the realization dawned upon his face that their sworn adversary had again worked his crafty deceit. One by one, reports began coming in from recon that General Diablo had placed double agents among the population of DoctrinVille. It seems that the dark lord had devised a plot to corrupt the intelligence of the leading generals and cause discord among the soldiers of light. His plan was could Captain Cautious and his comrades warn the other citizens of DoctrinVille? Could they make it in time to avoid the bloody civil war that was beginning? How could they accurately discern truth from error among all the volumes of doctrine their courageous generals had written?

Captain Cautious summoned his bravest sergeants and ordered them to begin at once the attack upon General Diablo’s forces. He then gave orders for Lieutenant Wisely to take the mighty sword of truth and assist the citizens of DoctrinVille in their efforts to root out the agents of darkness, or heretics, as they were fondly called by the Doctrinites. Will truth prevail? With the forces of darkness be repelled? Will the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ shine brightly in your life today? Only you can decide the outcome, may you seek wisdom in the abiding presence of the Holy Spirit.


Palm boy said...

Lol. Excellent storytelling, and a near perfect description of what goes on in the religious blogs.

BTW: How did you find my blog?

Antonio said...

Luke 8:9

Then His disciples asked Him, saying, "What does this parable mean?"
I got lost at Tonto.


Joe said...

The same Naysaying could have been leveled at people who "journaled" before there was blogging, only bloggin gets pre-mortem response.

Jim said...

Palm boy,

I don't remember how I tracked you down, maybe at Dsyraxia or Challies? I can't always remember the links I click on but when I see something I like, I try to leave a comment.

Thanks for stopping by.

Jim said...

Antonio, was not Tonto the Lone Strangers sidekick? You must certainly remember that good old western?

No harm intended, just a word picture that came to me of the things I have been reading.

Jim said...

Joe, you make a good point. As a guy, I was not one to "journal". However, the aspect of blogging which is so attractive is the virtual live interaction between fellow bloggers.

Antonio said...

Are you going to keep us in suspense or are you going to give us the correspondences in your story?

Also, I emailed you recently.


Jim said...

Antonio, I left out the identity of certain characters on purpose. It was not my intent to cast injury to any blogger's name but rather to point out the irrational arguments that have surfaced recently in some heated blog wars.

Quite frankly, some of these "discussions" have resorted to nothing better than theological name calling which has no edifying effect. Rather it causes the pride of those offended to make them more stubborn and belligerant in their views and statements.

Or did I miss your question entirely?

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Great post, Keemo Saabi!

Very creative.

How come he was the LONE Ranger if he had a companion? Do Indians not count?

Every Blessing in Christ


Jim said...

Hey Matthew, I wasn't sure if you were familiar with the Lone Ranger show? That's a good question. :)

I hope you didn't take any offense to being labeled an Indian. Here in Canada the Indians are now called First Nations people.

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

I had long hair until I was 21. I do not mind.

The Lone Ranger was great! I have not seen it for years, however.

God Bless


Antonio said...

I read your conversation with Evan May.

You are so sharp. I am glad that you did't get away with his "novice rhetoric".

You called him on his position and on the fact that he will not genuinely and thoughtfully answer your basic questions.


Jonathan Moorhead said...

Don't you know what "Tonto" means? I would laugh, but that would be insensitive.

Jim said...


As per my email, I am slightly confused as to which comment I made? I would love to take credit for any comment that was sharp, but I must admit it probably wasn't me.

Jim said...


Please explain for the benefit of all the meaning of Tonto. Of course, proper choice of language would be appreciated.

Thanks for the comment,


Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Tonto means 'madman'. 'Keemo Saabi', on the other hand means 'He who knows nothing'.

At least that is what I have heard, anyway.