Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Judicial Nominations

Is anyone following the nomination process of Judge Samuel Alito? This is one of those defining and pivotal moments in the history and future of America. Why? Because these Supreme Court Justices will help to decide how current and future laws are interpreted, and whether the same are "constitutionally valid".

This is far from some obscure political process, but rather an integral and rather sobering decisive moment in the battle for the soul of America. Gone are the days of objective and non-partisan legal decisions, and those that hold to blind justice are simply fooling themselves.

It has become obvious that your moral persuasion can be a negative factor in the selection process...for we would not want some fundamental activist judge overturning the sacred and imperishable right to destroy our offspring without impunity. I mean, come on, now that everybody is building their life around the ability to do as they please knowing that - should contraception fail, they can always resort to the butcher's knife to end an intrusion into their "quality of life" - how could we possibly remove this reliance of the law? What? Since when was the law to be a reliance for murderers and adulterers as protection from justice?

Does this sound familiar? "Woe to them that call evil good, and good evil". If you name Christ as saviour and Lord, then I plead with you to spend time praying for your leaders, and in particularly this judicial nomination.

Sadly, the process has been flawed from the start due to Senator Arlen Specter being Committee Chairman. While he wears the colors of the the Republican party, his personal philosophy endorses abortion, and at best he is a moderate conservative. Thankfully God is sovereign, so let us intercede for this and future generations.

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