Friday, December 09, 2005

To Russia with God's love

This past Sunday evening, our church had the privilege of hearing from a missionary couple who are currently serving in Russia.

Well, a missionary wants nothing better than to bring home a glowing report of how God is working, how many people have gotten saved, etc.

There was some progress to report, but more strikingly portrayed was the immense need of that country, and the struggles faced in simply connecting on a personal level with the general public. It seems 70 years of communism have created substantial fears and distrust of westerners, along with their intentions. The people could not figure out why anyone would want to move to Russia from “America”.

It was surprising to see that in the northern part of Russia, there were tribal people very similar to our North American Indians, even still using the “teepee” for their nomadic shelter. They have managed to maintain their cultural lifestyle alongside the emerging modernism of secular Russian society.

What came across in stark black and white was that regardless of where people live, the excuses for not believing the Word of God are very similar. It seems the devil has only a limited number of tools that he uses, and modifies for specific occasions.

So while there was a definite sense of the enormity of the task before them, there was also the realization that this is the Lord’s work, and He will complete what He has begun.

But what happens to a nation where the Bible has been outlawed for 70 years, where people have been indoctrinated with Atheism, and a major distrust of foreigners prevents easy building of relationships? Prayer is essential, but preaching and teaching are also paramount. What Russia needs is godly men to go and make disciples, who in turn will make disciples, so that a healthy and vibrant church can be established , which can withstand the Schisms of internal politicking, and the external threats from the state and established Orthodoxy.

Is the time ripe for Russia’s own “Reformation”? Only God knows, but wouldn’t that be awesome! If you think of it, please pray for the dear saints who are attempting to stand firm for Christ in the vastest nation on earth. Pray that the Word will go forth and bear much fruit.

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