Wednesday, December 07, 2005

How It All Started...

One fine evening a few months ago, I attended a revival meeting being held in a city close by. There I happened to meet Daniel. After the meeting Daniel and I chatted while our wives became acquainted and exchanged email addresses. I had first met Daniel a year or so prior when he brought a few young men out to one of our prayer meetings. Since that time, he has come a number of times to preach on Sunday morning. We have been without a full-time pastor for almost two years, and therefore had invited different brothers to come and minister the word to us.

I was struck by Daniel's descriptive use of the English language to create word pictures, as well as his ability to expound the scriptures.

Later that evening at home, I "googled" the Sutera Twins ( The two men leading this revival) to find out more about them and their ministry. To my surprise I stumbled across a link to Daniel's Blog (Doulogos). So it was Daniel that introduced me to the Blogosphere and the interesting characters in this otherworld.

Well, I figured this would be a great way for me to add my two cents worth, and at the same time work on my own expounding of the faith. For only when you must explain what you believe and why, does the lack of preparation and study become apparent. So contending for the faith can really act as a catalyst for spiritual growth.

Therefore my first link will go to Daniel at Doulogos for his assistance and encouragement in starting this blog.


Daniel said...


Thanks for the link brother! I think for the first three month of my blog no one was reading it but me.

But as I was reading and posting on other people's blogs, I started to know a few more people. I am sure the same will happen to you, and probably faster, and larger.

Grace and peace,


Jim said...

It's my pleasure, the least I could do for helping a newbie into space.