Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Election Fever!!

Do you know which political party is pro-life?
Do you know which political party is concerned with keeping God in our constitution?

And, do you know which political party is pro-family?

Yes, I know it sounds like an oxymoron, to have a political party espousing core values as their platform policies.

Years ago, I was a devout conservative who supported the PC's and later the Reformed/Alliance bandwagon. I believed that this party would be able to help keep bad legislation from entering the halls of Parliament. However, severe disillusionment has set in after watching this party apathetically sit by and allow a law legalizing "same-sex" sodomite unions.

It seems the union of the Alliance with the Progressive Conservatives watered out the last bastion of morality the right wing party had. Now they are no better than a blue version of the left moving Liberals.

So where does this leave the "moral majority" of our nation? Without a voice in Parliament! To be sure, if you are concerned about the rights of unborn children, if you are repulsed with the rampant pro-sodomy agenda, if you believe government should be organized according to the eternal laws of God's Word, and be held accountable; then you have basically no voice left in Ottawa to speak for you.

Enter the "fringe" party know as CHP, the Christian Heritage Party. Ok, for years I thought these guys were just a bunch of hicks with bad haircuts. But after reading what they stand for and listening to their leader speak out on these key issues, I began to think that maybe they could effect some change in our esteemed halls of government.

So, now your mind is rapidly coming up with excuses for supporting the status quo; I know the questions you are thinking about.

Why waste your vote on a party that will never get elected?
Who would vote for a "Christian" party?
Is there not supposed to be a separation between church and state?
Why support a party that isn't taken seriously by the opposition?
***Fill in the question here***

Well, I am not going to answer these but simply refer you to the leader of the CHP would has done a fine job of answering his critics on these and other questions.

It's time that we as christians stop voting for the lesser of two evils and begin to stand for righteousness by putting our support behind those who will defend the defenseless, put their convictions ahead of their career, and fear God rather than man.

Please take time to listen to Ron Gray speak on Peter Warren's radio show. I think he did a very good job of shutting Mr. Warren's mouth quite nicely.

Listen to the interview

For y'all down south in the U.S., it's time to awaken from the coziness you have been in and begin to pray earnesty for your nation. I truly believe that '08 will be a pivotal election in the history of America, possibly greater than any point in your history. How long can a nation wallow in sin and degradation before God ultimately comes and declares judgement? I believe that when a godless leader is raised up, this is the sign of God's impending wrath. Let's be sober and do business with our Lord.

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Daniel said...

Wow - awesome interview. I wonder if they are running a candidate in my riding? I will have to look.

Jim said...

Yes, I think Mr. Gray is a very eloquent speaker. What's more, when you stand on the Word as your authority, you cannot go wrong. Truth will prevail!

Thanks for stopping by again.

God bless,

Silent Bob said...

Hi Jim, thanks for commenting on my Sheeple blog.
We clearly see things differently but I liked your comment so much instead of responding to it I made it into two posts.

Your participation is welcome. You clearly have a different take on the issues and I’ll do my best to moderate comments and keep everything civil.

I want all points of view so if you want the opportunity to change some minds consider yourself invited.

You seem to be genuine in your faith as opposed to most of the fake Christians we encounter that use their faith to justify bigotry.

Take care.

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Naturally I am coming from a British perpective. However, I think supporting a fringe party must be pretty depressing.

As for the USA needing to repent, the USA is a Christian paradise when compared to Europe.

Every Blessing in Christ


Jim said...

Matthew, it is truly sad when the only party that supports a Christian worldview is a tiny fringe party. Having followed the mainline parties for sometime now, I have come to the conclusion that we need men who will stand for righteousness regardless of the political cost. Compromise is the word of the day, and simply leads to further ungodliness and corruption.

As for the USA being a Christian paradise in comparison, there is an element of truth to that. But still, God's people have always been judged for their hypocrisy and double mindedness throughout the ages.

To think that the cradle of the reformation, the awakenings and revivals of the past, is now a cesspool of completely heartbreaking.