Friday, February 08, 2008

A Republic

There is a common misconception today that America is a great democracy. This is really only a half truth. Democracy itself is only a small part of the picture in the overall fabric of how government functions.

More accurately, America is a functioning Republic in danger of becoming a democracy. Why do I say that? Precisely because if you understand the process of how a democracy works you begin to realize it is not a static condition. Rather democracy is a transitional stage between two other forms of government.

Self governance is in fact the most difficult of systems to maintain. Man is by his selfish and fearful nature given to seeking protection and ease. The result of this is an exchange of freedom and finances for security and provisions.

The danger of a purely democratic system is that it ultimately reduces to mob rule; 50 +1 % = majority.

The American Constitution was written to ensure that certain inalienable rights were granted to each of it's citizens. These rights were in fact stated to be given by God and therefore not subject to the whim of a fickle electorate. Furthermore, the signers of this constitution stated that this form of government would only work if the people themselves were of moral and upright character. It would be wholly unsuitable to any other.

When Benjamin Frankin emerged from the signing of the constitution he was asked by a lady, "what have you given us?". His reply was, "A Republic, if you can keep it".

As I mentioned earlier a democracy is simply a transititional stage between two forms of government. If we simply resort to becoming "democratic" in our laws and actions rather than realizing that there are certain laws given by God and not subject to man's alteration we can maintain the equilibrium.

However, the end of all runaway democracies is an oligarchy; rule by a few. Be careful you are not exchanging your freedom and privacy for your security.


Even So... said...

...and to the republic, for which it stands....

Jim said...

JD, I am getting new appreciate for that document everyday. I should get a copy and put it on my wall.

God bless!

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

I dont think you can make a technical distinction between republic and democracy, though some try to.

What you are distinguishing is a constitutional democracy and a pure democracy.

You would have a hard time finding an example of a pure democracy today, but some constitutional democracies are more consitutional than others.

Every Blessing in Christ


Jim said...

Matthew, the US is not functioning as it was specifically designed to by the US constitution.

The president and the high court have assumed way too much power and simply use the house of representatives to accomplish their purposes.

There is a fundamental difference between a proper constitutional republic and the type of democracy that the media is promoting today.

They are attempting to use democracy to overthrow the tradition rights of the individual as given by God and enshrined in the constitution.

This is what leads to politicians playing to public sentiment. They promise more and in turn must tax more, the net result is a highly taxed, minimally stimuated society that produces little of economic worth while demanding more from the government.

Only Look said...

We've given much over to the Vatican without realizing it in this nation.

All of us are out of balance and look only to elect a president in order to keep our pool of Judges.The founding fathers never intended that. We celebrate when we have more conservative judges, yet for some reason have no conscience in regard to the fact they are Roman Catholic even as conservatives and have a higher authority and a greater citizenship to Rome. We crossed the line long ago and are living on borrowed fumes of a ghost of what the founding fathers intended.

Still it is always good to have those of conservative to moderate mindset in control. However I don't know the mind of God here. Who knows how he feels about all of this? We often speak in his stead and sacrifice the concerns of His kingdom and church at the altar of the greater good of our nation.

Christopher said...

The sad thing is that I'm not sure that 50 + 1% of our nations politicians know or understand what you just said. I know I have heard two of the 'media's most popular' candidates for president refer to us as a democracy over and maybe if we hear it enough we'll give in and believe it.

Lets 'republic for which it stands' is out so what's next?

One nation? We're about to become Ameri-canad-exico. I guess that one's out too.

Under God? Ummmmm....

Indivisible? We are divided right down the middle about everything.

Liberty? Not if Hitlery is elected....:)

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

A republic is a state which does not have a monarchy.

A democracy is a state which is in principle governed by the people. In most cases, this government is defined by a consitution, like that of the USA.

The United States has always been a democracy, but one which is characterised by adherence to a written consitution and a principle of strict seperation of powers.

God Bless