Thursday, January 31, 2008

Our Sovereign God

It seems the sovereignty of God is used to explain much of what happens in the world today. I do not doubt that God is sovereign. Being sovereign denotes having ultimate power and authority. Rulers of empires were said to be sovereign and indeed they do represent a picture of God's infinite worth as the true King of kings and Lord of lords.

So my question for you today is this: If God is truly sovereign why do so many godly men disagree on so many issues? Why are there so many differing views from the leading theologians and scholars of our day and history?


Joe said...

Because God is sovereign and the "Godly men" are not.

If He is sovereign, then He's the boss and I'm not.

Therefore if He does something I don't like or understand, it is my job to respond in faith, knowing that He is God and I'm not (for which we can all be grateful).

barb michelen said...
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Only Look said...

I guess I would have to say that I agree with Joe on this one while admitting that Joe is Joe and I am not. Still I have some knowledge of His ways by reading some of his comments out here in blogdom, but it is still limited to what He has written and revealed to us.

Only Look said...

Whoops...I didn't mean to capitalize Joe's pronouns. With all the talk of men becoming gods over at the unashamed blog I must have slipped into some unconscious and subtle direction that I need to quickly ask deliverance from:-)

Jim said...

Thanks Joes, I think I understand...maybe?

Jim said...

Brian, that is possibly the funniest comment I have read in a long time.

God bless bro!

Only Look said...

God bless Jim. Little tickle here and there I guess.

On that final day all of our knees will bow however and God will finally get the last comment.

Phew...don't you long for that day?

bobby grow said...

Because they are Men, and God is God. And scripture is multi-faceted, not an propositional answer book. And I think the primary answer is because God is dynamic/trinity--thus there will always be "growth" toward "knowing" God. I would not say that any of man's thoughts on God are static, they are always growing, relative to Christ, or at least we should be. Theology is not an static enterprise, or at least it shouldn't be (although some have made it such) . . . thus men disagree. I think this is not a bad thing, the bad thing is often the "attitude" of scholars. I.e. they won't dialogue, collegialy, or Christianly one with another. Thus the church suffers, often times in schism.

Good question, Jim.

Jim said...

Bobby, thanks for that answer. As I was reading a light turned on in my are quite correct here in your assessment.

The key to unity and truth in a sincere growth towards Christ as the center in all our seeking of knowledge and wisdom. That can and will lead to greater unity. Anything else will divide and cause friction.

bobby grow said...


I am so glad to know that Jesus is the center of everything. It is exciting to think that being preoccupied with HIM, is who the Father is preoccupied with. I think if all the "scholars" were preoccupied with Jesus, as the Father is, we wouldn't be as sectarian and schismatic one from another. Although I still think there would be disparate views out there . . . and I think this is directly to the fact that God is sovereign, and has designed reality in a way that we will have to "struggle" (i.e. theological differences) to know Him in all His grandeur.

Todd said...

That's a good point. The "struggle" would be a part of God's design. Nothing He didn't expect. I don't think we can legitimize our theological differences as God's desire for us or excuse them in some way. It's left-overs from the curse and a product of our own mortality that will always be around.

I see intellectual gratification as one of the more powerful unconscious driving forces behind "schism". Man's intellect needs to admit that no more than a sound mind is needed to hear and understand God's word. Where strong intellects come in handy is when other srong intellects try and distort God's word. Just like in the beginning of Galatians where Paul talks of, not another gospel, yet a gospel that has been distorted. Or something like that.

In my reading of scripture, nobody's going to be condemned for misunderstandings on the minors but needs to work towards being of one accord so that with one voice we can glorify God in and through Christ like we're told to. Are things likely to change much from the way they are? Maybe a little but that's probably it. Personally, I don't accept it well at all but try not to let it be too much of a distraction to me nor get preoccupied with it. I just try to have a strong defense ready. Much like yourself probably.

Just my assorted thoughts Jim. Have a great day in the grace of Christ.


Jim said...

Todd, I think you are probably correct. Human pride and it desire to "know" everything definitely can play a part.

Nicole's Godblog said...

Im my opinion, its because man wants to take the sovereignty away from God and proclaim that they are hearing from God and are not concerned about anything else but their religious views that only include themselves.


Jim said...

Hi Nicole, so you are saying that self serving purposes are the reason for division? I guess that is probably very true.