Thursday, October 25, 2007

Where goeth the Glory?

Adam was made to reflect the glory of God as the focal point of His creation. However, although being made in the image of his creator, man fell by giving into the temptation of Satan. Thus man's rightful role to exercise dominion over all the earth and its inhabitants was usurped.

Man became a slave to a new master and lost the right to govern. Satan's express purpose is to corrupt God's creation and specifically man, as the image of God on the earth. Finally, Satan wishes to steal the glory and worship due to Jehovah alone.

Christ came as the incarnated God-man to rescue man from his imprisonment by taking his place in punishment. God's righteous wrath was poured upon Jesus Christ on the cross. Thus Christ atoned for the sins of the world. Christ, the last Adam, became the life giving Spirit and grants His authority and power to His body, the Church.

As the redeemed and chosen of the Lord, we are to glorify God with all of our being. All of our praise, worship, adoration, and love must be reserved for our beloved bridegroom, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Dear reader, to whom are you giving the glory today? Is your life a testimony of God's grace?


Even So... said...

Great things He has done...

Rose~ said...

I hope so! May the onlookers attribute the good to Him and the bad to me.