Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Can You Name Them?

Below is a list of ten anagrams containing the names of famous christians during the last few hundred years. See if you can decipher all of them. List your answers in the comments.

1. Welsh Enjoy
2. Ten John Won
3. Canons By Fry
4. Anhydrous Lot
5. Lugger Elm Ore
6. Dowdy Got Him
7. Domains Adjourn
8. Sharecrop Lunges
9. Laminate Wildly
10.Greeted Weigh Foil

I will post the answers in a day or so.


Jim said...

Ok, I'll give you the first one.

1. John Wesley

Jim said...

2. John Newton

Jim said...

3. Fanny Crosby

Daniel said...

Well, since no one is answering these...

Here are the ones I think I got.

4. Hudson Taylor
5. George Mueller
6. Dwight moody

8. Charles Spurgeon

Jim said...

7. Adoniram Judson
9. William Tyndale

10. George Whitefield

Thanks for your input Daniel.

Daniel said...

sad, I should have hoped to get Whitefield and Tyndale, but I got stumped on Judson for too long and gave up trying hard after that. Adoniram is not a word that comes readily to mind, though I did consider "Judson" somebody, but couldn't think of who that could be. I think I got stuck on Maddison as a first name, or possibly Adamson, Addison, or Adams as a last name. Either way that was fun.