Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Women Leaders?

When does God allow women leaders? Read the article by Zac Poonen of India.


MaLady said...

I just found you through Doulogos - I'll be back.

This post's link is a valuable essay. A dignified, gentle balance is a beautiful picture of unity in the Spirit.

My take on the weakness of Christian men is in the area of lust and porn. The stats within the church are horrifying, and worse is the lackadaisical response from clergy, elders and Study leaders. Men are emasculating their leadership left and right... Women are going to have to step up soon on this one. I know I come across a little strong on this, like sharp cheese, but I didn't start that way. Life taught me through too much experience. Maybe my words will irritate someone in the right way.

Ma Lady

Jim said...

Ma Lady, thanks for stopping by.

You are quite right in your assessment of many Christian men and the Church's response.

The best thing women could do though would be to prayer earnestly and encourage men to become the leaders again of their families, that is where it starts.

MaLady said...

The model of leadership needs to be specified, no?

Practical issues aren't met with prayer and encouragement alone. Choices simply must be made. Christian life is a battlefield and if the Captain is too busy looking at a magazine (or "visiting") to tend to reports of an impending attack, the Lieutenant is going to have to step up and direct the battle plan, surrender, or flee and give up valuable ground. That same Captain is also passing up invaluable opportunities to seize more ground and secure the position.

The enemy loves his tools of distraction, doesn't he?

The best to you - I don't imply that you need a personal sermonetta in any way or that prayer and encouragement are useless or excluded from the solution.