Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A House Divided

Yesterday's election reinforced the fact that politics will not change the world for better, rather man's natural inclination is for selfish ambition at the cost of moral integrity and societal justice.

As a Canadian I was surprised how similar the language of some Democrats was to our own leftist party, the NDP. Talk of equality, fairness, common good, all sound nice and fluffy. However, at the heart of these buzz words is a socialistic agenda bent on forcing poverty down the throat of every hard working American. To many, the idea of disparate wealth is anathema, a idea which must be driven into the ground and replaced with the doctrine of fairness, where every person gets the same equal amount. Unfortunately this philosophy is not Biblical, and for that matter has been proven to be a failure in former communist countries.

God has designed man to work for his bread, and yet "well intentioned" socialists wish to compensate the sluggard with the same reward as the diligent. At the foundation of capitalism is the idea that hard work, honesty, and core values can earn one a deserved return.

I began to consider the current political situation in Washington. I seriously wonder and doubt whether the framers of the Constitution envisioned partisan politics as the ideal form of a democratic republic. The notion that one must align themselves with a party clashes with the notion of "by the people, for the people". The idea that the citizenry would be represented in government has been seriously harmed by this polarization of partisanship.

Would not the ideal situation be a government where each congressmen, senator, and governor was elected based upon local issues and free from the incumberance of national ties. They could then effectively represent their core values and home state with a more honest voice.

But sadly we are now faced with a situation whereby we are constantly voting for the lessor of two evils, or as this election displayed, singular issues such as the war in Iraq. The populace has been manipulated into casting a reactionary vote which gives no thought to future repercussions.

It is time that godly men seek office not for personal gain or promotion, but rather to represent the principles of God and the constitution on which America was founded. Only as each representative votes by their conscience with complete immunity from castigation can we hope for laws that will honour the God by Whom we beseech so many blessings.

As God's people, let us realize once and for all that only through humble repentance of our love for the world and its pleasure, and by seeking His face in prayer can the tide change.

May God continue to bless America and Canada!


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