Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Truth Matters!

Absolute truth is an absolute necessity. What I mean is that for every issue there is always a right or truthful answer. Further, truth is fundamental to the proper understanding of life and our Biblical worldview.

However, in our society we find ourselves confronted by many different views on every subject, so how do we discern what is correct and what is false? In particular, the area of theology has caused much debate and disagreement over the true meaning of scripture and the interpretation of Bible passages. It seems many eminent and well educated scholars have shamefully brought much confusion and contention to the matter of biblical exposition through their ignorance of certain required prerequisites.

First of all, we must realize that truth is not some abstract or ethereal concept. Truth is the embodiment of a person and ultimately of His nature and character. Jesus said of Himself that He was the truth. So the beginning of all understanding about God and the Bible must be the realization that Jesus Christ is the truth; in otherwords He has all the truth, knows all truth, and reveals all truth. All truth will ultimately point us to Christ and reveal His many attributes. The opposite of truth is falsehood and lies. The seriousness of this becomes apparent in our daily lives as we make choices that will have consequences that may or may not be pleasant and expected.

We are are quite familiar with the basic laws of physics, in fact our entire society depends upon these laws being consistent and unchanging. There would be drastic results if gravity didn't work for a day. Similarly, God's laws are unchanging and represent His constant nature and immovable decrees. He even tells us clearly that He changes not.

The reason truth matters so much is because we live our lives based upon understanding of who God is. If we do not see Him clearly and become aware of His ways He has designed for us to live, we will see disastrous results in our families and societies. When we believe a lie or incorrect interpretation of scripture we become in bondage to that lie. However once we know the truth, the truth will set us free.

So let us continue to seek the Truth, Jesus Christ, that we may know Him and consequently know His ways and attributes. The more we know Christ, the more we will be set free from wrong doctrines, thinking, and believing. Don't sacrifice knowing Christ for knowing doctrine, by that I mean do not simply learn doctrine for doctrines sake, but let the Word of Christ dwelling richly in you, bring revelation and joy to your christian walk.


Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Sound thoughts, Jim.

Jim said...

Thanks for stopping by again brother.

In Christ,

bobby grow said...

Good post, Jim! I really appreciate how you highlight the fact that Jesus Christ is the personification of truth--thus identifying the fact that while truth is objective (relative to God's character) it's referent is relational in the person of our Holy God.

In Christ,


Jim said...

Hi Bobby, thanks for stopping by brother. It's so simple that we can be stumbled...Jesus Christ really is the answer, the complete answer.

Praise God,

Kc said...

I agree with Matthew and Bobby. This is an another excellent post Jim and very well said.

Rose~ said...

Hi Jim,
Truth Matters! (It seems I read that somewhere else this week too.)
Great post.
Christ is the truth and to know Him more is the goal of the Christian.

Jim said...

Kc & Rose~, Praise the Lord. The more we know the Truth, the more we are set free!

Blessings in Christ,

Anonymous said...

A quick thought about the 'absolute truth' positions going on recently, where Paul cites the exact same thing is right for one person (the strong) believer and wrong (the weaker brother). This is taken as some part of truth is, in fact, relative to whom it relates.

The exact same thing is absolutely wrong for one person and absolutely right for another, proclaims certain truths as other than absolute, and rightly.

Truth must be loving, because it is extremely harsh sometimes. Truth without love is not Christian truth

Jim said...


That logic sounds dangerously like the new moral relativism being spouted on college campuses today.

Truth is absolute and unchanging, I think what Paul was referring to was more practice than truth.

As for truth being 'christian', I don't think that would be quite accurate. All truth is from God, and Jesus Christ is the embodiment of truth.

We are however commanded when we speak the truth to do so in love. I would agree that harsh words can be hurtful when spoken without love.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

God bless,