Thursday, March 23, 2006

Modern Day Martyr

A topic receiving much discussion as of late by many bloggers is the predicament of an Afghani believer. It seems Abdul Rahman, a 41 year old christian, has been convicted of rejecting the islamic faith in favour of Christ Jesus. For this 'terrible' crime he is going to be sentenced to execution.

What makes this particular story stand out of course is the place and time of this aggression. As you know, christians are being persecuted everyday around the globe with many giving theirs lives rather than deny the Saviour that purchased them with His own blood.

However, this is one of the first public cases in Afghanistan after the western powers have spent years and billions of dollars attempting to construct a democratic nation. For all the rhetoric of open and free elections, the Afghan constitution is still completely steeped in Sharia tradition and law which forbids the conversion of any muslim to christianity. While most western media could care less whether or not the Afghans actually decide to worship Christ rather than Allah, it has become a point of contention that our 'freedom of choice' has not been accepted by this undemocratic society.

Let us not lose the real issue here, that a man is willing to lay down his life rather than deny Christ. He deserves our prayers. But also we should be willing to intervene not only for his life but for the lives of future believers in Afghanistan. Let us pray that this is the beginning of a large increase of the church in the midst of this dark nation. Let us always remember that only the gospel will bring true freedom, and only the truth of God's word can set men free.

For more indepth and analysis on this subject you can visit Centuri0n's post, or Matt Gumm's take on it. Of course don't forget to stop by and visit Voice of the Martyr's weblog on this current issue. Let me know your thoughts on this subject, perhaps you have more to add?


Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Good thoughtsm Jim.

Consecrated said...

A wake up call for all of us to pray for persecuted brothers and sisters around the globe. Will pray for this Afghan fellow and for his faith. I have a feeling we are heading towards more frightful times.

Jim said...

Yes, we need to prayer for this brother and the countless others who are suffering for their faith.

May the reality of their persecution become more apparent to us.

bobby grow said...

Yes Jim, good post! I worked with Muslim's evangelistically, for a couple of years--a very tough group to reach--but obviously reachable by our God. Maybe this is the beginning of the spreading of the Church in this region. Isn't this the pattern, persecution/martyrdom and growth. Not to depersonalize the agony this man, my brother in Christ, is facing--but I know the LORD will use this confound the wisdom of the wise in this region.

I will be in prayer for this man, and the others he represents in this area of the world. Thank you for the reminder, Jim!

Jim said...

Bobby, I think you are quite right old chap! There is definitely a progression in the gospel's expansion and it seems blood is often required to spread the truth.

No doubt the Lord wants to expand His kingdom into the Islamic nations and this will require much sacrifice on the part of men and women to lay the foundation of the Church's growth.

May we be a part by our giving and praying, and if the Lord so leads, by our going.

Consecrated said...

There was a news item on BBC world last night. The man might be released from jail on the grouns of "unfil for trial". Let's keep praying that God would spare his life from angry citizens once he is released.

Joe said...

According to VOM, more Christians have been Martyred for their faith in recent years than in all of history since Christ.

I guess Islam's peaceful religion only works one way.

Theteak said...

Good post Jim. There's nothing left to do but pray for our brother, and to be encouraged by him 'standing up for Jesus' in a dark place.

Jim said...

Consecrated, yes that is a very real concern. Let's pray that he is not simply disposed of secretly once he is released.

Joe, hopefully the western world will see the hostile nature of Islam before it's too late. Of course, military power is not the way to conquer them but only Christ's love will ultimately overcome their hatred.

God bless,

Jim said...

Teak, I understand he has been released now. We do need to pray that he will not compromise his stand and that he will be faithful to the Lord.

God bless,

Daniel said...

I am no longer on hiatus... ;-)

Theteak said...

I'm gonna head on over to Dan's blog.

Gummby said...

Thanks for the link. I was slow to find it.