Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Protect Your Daughters

Please read this recent release from the Christian Heritage Party of Canada. This is the next scam in vaccinations from our wonderful drug companies.

A few weeks ago, the CHP issued a news release to warn parents that Ottawa had allocated $300 million of taxpayers’ money for a vaccine to be given to girls aged 9 to 12.

The vaccine, Gardasil, claims to prevent a sexually transmitted disease—Human Papiloma Virus, or HPV—that causes about 95% of cervical cancer in women.

Gardasil is the Tories’ Adscam. But alas, as far as we can determine none of Canada’s mainstream ‘news’ media passed our warming on.

Actually, Gardasil only protects against four of the 30 kinds of HPV; and there are many other reasons for concern about this raid on the public treasury by Big Pharma:

The drug has not been tested on pre-adolescent girls;

Giving young children a vaccine for a disease that is only spread by sexual promiscuity sends a bad message: “We expect you to be promiscuous, but your government will protect you against the consequences of irresponsible behaviour.”

HPV is a disease spread by behaviour, so even if Gardasil eliminates the four kinds of HPV against which it may provide immunity, the other 26 kinds will become epidemic if behaviour is not changed—or if promiscuous behaviour is stimulated.

No one knows what side-effects this vaccine will have on these girls in future years: might it render them sterile?

A few years ago, the company promoting Gardasil (Merck-Frosst) marketed an inadequately-tested analgesic, Vioxx, and suffered about $1.2 billion in liability judgements; it looks suspiciously as though Canadian taxpayers were being made to rescue Big Pharma from their legal woes—and that young girls are to be used as foils to con the taxpayers.

The point man for the lobbyists working for Merck-Frosst to promote mandatory vaccination of young children with Gardasil is a former policy advisor to Prime Minister Harper. That relationship is just too close for comfort.

No one knows how long the effect of a vaccination will last. The HPV epidemic could rebound, worse than ever.

The plan to vaccinate children against 4 out of 30 forms of HPV is not like vaccinating people against diseases like polio: an un-vaccinated person can still transmit polio to others by casual contact; but HPV is only spread by sexual promiscuity. Like HIV, it is primarily a behavioural disease. A false sense of security actually increases risk.

Germany, the UK and Austria have already swallowed Merck’s bitter pill; but in the USA, several states are resisting this campaign for mandatory vaccination of young girls with an inadequately-tested product. One is Massachusetts, where a citizens’ group called “Mass Resistance”—headed by a good friend of the CHP, Rev. Michael Carl—is organizing voters to stop the plan.

Helping Mass Resistance oppose this insidious campaign is John R. Diggs, Jr., MD—an internationally recognized expert on sexually-transmitted diseases. He warns that it’s dangerous to create a false sense of security about “safe sex”. He compares the Gardasil campaign to the push to promote condoms, and he cites a five-year-old study by the National Institutes of Health—the largest health research body in the world—which found condoms “very ineffective” in controlling the spread of 6 of 8 STDs for which they were tested. Most people have still not heard of that study, because most of our ‘news’ media are avid promoters of the idea that we should be able to have sex whenever we want, with whomever we want, however we want—as long as we wear a condom. In fact, Dr. Diggs says, that philosophy has resulted in more STDs (not less), more unwanted pregnancies (not less) and more abortions. The epidemic rates of STDs caused by the condom-pushers has made cervical cancer the most common complication of sexually-transmitted disease; it has caused widespread sterility, suffering and even death.

You can hear Dr. Diggs’ comments at this web-site:
LISTEN TO interview with Dr. John Diggs - March 17, 2007 (19 minutes)

If Canada’s ‘news’ media can’t be trusted to give you the truth—and never forget, for example, that CTV is a sponsor of Toronto’s infamous ‘Pride’ Parade—then Canadian parents must inform themselves. Dr. Diggs’ testimony is a very good starting-point.

What should citizens do, once they have this information?
1 - Phone your MP (and your MLA, MNA or MPP—health care delivery is a matter of provincial jurisdiction) and tell them to scrap Ottawa’s bail-out of Big Pharma… and tell them not to put our daughters at risk.
2 - Join the CHP, the only federal party willing to speak for you on important issues like this.
3 - Donate to the CHP at — Your support helps us continue to offer Canadians the opportunity to vote for the one federal party committed to moral governance.


David said...

good info- I am glad i came by from Joe's

Jim said...

Thanks for stopping by David.

preacherman said...

I am glad to have found your blog. Excellent post.
They never advertise it as an STD. I find that very interesting do you? Do other Christians notice the same thing? Do other ministers? It is crazy! Where is the out cry!

Jim said...

Hi Preacherman, thanks for stopping by. I think there is a lot of apathy amongst our brethren, this is the reason we are so desensitized to the immoral tide sweeping our land.

MaLady said...

Hi. I hope you don't mind me chiming in again.

I have looked at this subject before - and I say that if it checks out to be safe and provide long-term protection then it is probably a good idea.

I'll try to explain. I have a book called "An Affair of the Mind" by Laurie Hall. The opening pages describe the horror and shame of getting an anonymous AIDS test in an anonymous part of town because her husband, it turns out, had a double life and had slept with scores of prostitutes. She was also tested for STDs at the same time. If you read your statistics for Christian families - well, in my opinion they go past sad to disgusting. I know, also, that good, clean girls in high school or college can very easily be victimized by date rapists - I'm thinking of the "date rape drug" which also has ugly statistics in terms of how popular it is.

What I'm saying is that women don't have to be asking for it to get it, and the dangers of that occurring are too prevalent for a knowledgeable young lady to feel safe.

I'll get off my soapbox now, before I put another one on top of it.... :-)

You pick up good subject to chew on, Jim. I appreciate your posts.

Ma Lady

Jim said...

Ma Lady,

Thanks for stopping by. Of course there are always good reasons for everything and that is usually how these kinds of things are promoted.

However, this issue completely misses the boat by failing to point out that promiscuity is the reason for this pandemic. Furthermore our pill popping society is becoming more ensnared by the big pharmaceuticals causing more dependency and less immunity.

The red flag to me is the compulsive nature of this implementation; drugs always have side effects and should never be considered a staple in the defense of any disease.

God bless,

MaLady said...

You know, Jim, all I was trying to say was that pointing the finger at promiscuity is not enough, not even to protect those who are not promiscuous.

Here in the US we can opt out of "compulsive" treatments - my sister and her husband are "religious objectors" and their kids have not been immunized. Maybe that is why the compulsive nature doesn't upset me as much.

I agree about our "pill popping society".

You've heard me say it before, though; I am also very uncomfortable with the prevalence of sexual immorality and the lackidaisical accountability amongst the men in our churches. Obedient christian ladies are not safe. I really wish the fathers/leaders in our churches would get very upset about that instead of about the world's solutions that we should be "salt" enough to not actually need.

I'm second of seven children, BTW - kudos for your survival! (and your wife's, too)

Ma Lady

Jim said...

Ma Lady, thanks! My wife can always use more encouragement.

I agree, the men need to step up and be leaders in the church and their homes.

God bless,