Monday, December 04, 2006

Japan Mission

Last week I mentioned listening to a radio program called "Unshackled". One of the programs featured a missionary to Japan. In the two part series, South African, Neil Verwey describes how the Lord led him to go as a young man to Japan. Prior to his going he had vowed not to get married, but shortly after arriving met a single missionary lady who he eventually fell in love with. Neil and Peggy Verwey founded Japan Mission and have been serving the Lord together in Japan for 50 years. Even today, Neil has no plans of "retiring" but desires to be used by God for the furthering of the kingdom in Japan.

Neil describes the challenges and rewards of bringing the gospel to the Japanese people. Because Japanese culture is so tightly family oriented, many Japanese feel they must first ask their parents for permission to become christians. They also feel much pressure to continue in the idolatrous practices that are so much a part of society.

Japan has one of the smallest percentages of evangelical believers of any country in the world. Truly the harvest is plentiful in that nation, and in desperate need of messengers of the good news of Jesus Christ. If you are seeking a nation to minister to, Japan definitely ranks as being very needy of prayer. May God do a mighty work there and set the captives free.


Blaurock said...

Dear Jim,
The Lord bless you and increase your influence to promote the praying for, and going to, the nations.

Lord, send loving messengers of the grace of God to Japan. Strengthen those believers who are fighting a good fight of faith and interceding for the people of Japan. Shut the devil down throughout the country by fearless men and women filled with the Holy Spirit and wisdom who will sound out the cross and resurrection.
God bless Japan! For your Name, through Jesus Christ,

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Japan certainly does need missionaries.

Jim said...

Joe, amen to your prayer. May God do something awesome there!

Matthew, I pray that the Lord will really guide you in your trip.

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Thanks, Jim. I so value your prayers.

Bhedr said...

I am glad this couple is in Japan. Praise God.

Jim said...

Yes Brian, may God raise up more couples like that.