Thursday, August 03, 2006

Only a Boy Named David

As a boy, I loved reading stories of Samuel and David. If anyone lived an adventurous life it was king David. This is really an account of God taking one young man from obscurity and placing him at the height of everything life has to offer.

However, if anything it was a test of David's character and his reliance upon the God of his youth.

David's life is an Old Testament example of how we as christians are to face the struggles in our soul and the temptations we face in life. While David was not always victorious, he was affirmed by the Lord as a man after God's own heart. That is a very strong commendation. Sure David made many mistakes, and some very serious, but his humility and seeking after repentance showed the desire of his heart to please his God.

One of the things I admired about David was his determination not to lift his hand against king Saul, God's anointed. He realized that in fact he would be lifting his hand against God by harming His chosen man.

This tells me that sometimes God will test us by putting our enemies within our grasp and seeing how we will respond. Will we exact vengeance ourselves by defaming them, repaying evil with evil, or will we simply acknowledge that God has the sovereign authority to deal with them.

There are many wonderful analogies in the life of David. What is your favourite one?


bobby grow said...

I really like when David is on the run with His "motley crew" of men (the outcasts of society--hmm reminds me of Jesus' crew); and when they hide in "En-Gedi". I've seen pictures of En-Gedi, and think of David's Psalms when he speaks of hiding in God's refuge comparing that to en-gedi--for some reason I really like the sense of security that David had in the Lord's provision and shelter--I've had my own En-Gedi experiences; because of David's Psalms.

Jim said...

Yes, I agree. I think we all need those times to strengthen our faith and remind us of God's ever present help.

Bhedr said...

I am re-reading his life now. Real slow this time. I don't want to miss anything. Such a contrast between Saul and David yet they both committed the same sins and David even called out to God to not take the Holy Spirit away from him. David however left his enemies in God's hands for the most part. He almost slaughtered Nabal in a rash moment that Saul had. Two men anointed by God, yet I see the key of David leaving his enemies in God's hands being a crucial characteristic in his life. This I am beginning to learn. There are so many circumstances that we have no clue of. David trusted God in the midst of them. He never seemed desirous to erect himself into the promised position. Saul of course felt like he was being threatened on every turn and that David was out to get him. It is interesting to see these contrasts. He very nearly became like Saul during that Bathsheba thing so quick to kill the person that stole a little lamb, when he had done much worse and stole a wife and put the husband to death...that is until Nathan said thou art the man. Of course the parable by Nathan took David back to his childhood as a little shepherd boy that gaurded sheep. I had to be reminded a while back too. I think we all do or we might become like Saul.

"Stay Gold":-)

Jim said...


Good points, the heart of David and Saul are really fleshed out in these stories.

Rose~ said...

I like to think of how David was disciplined by the Lord for his sin. He did a despicable thing with Uriah/Bathsheeba, but as many as the Lord loves, those He chastens ... and scourges every son He receives. David was glad that God took him to task for his wretched act, just as my son sometimes thanks my husband for a spanking.

Bhedr said...

And another amazing thing is when Shimei was throwing rocks at David as he left defeated from the throne that Absolom took. He was angrily throwing rocks and hurling insults for his sin and the men asked David if he wanted them to strike back. He told them to leave him alone as the the Lord may have put it in the heart of Shimei to do this.

I am fascinated and yet at the same time encouraged by this. He truly understood and fully accepted the Sovereign desires of God. It is mind boggling.

Joe said...

The stories of David are a great picture of God's grace.


Rose~ said...

Where is Jim?

Jim said...

Sorry folks, I've been swamped at work lately. No time for blogging.

God bless,

Bhedr said...

Well...that sounds like a good excuse.

Jim said...

Yeah, I've got one more week of craziness.

Antonio said...

When are you gonna post again?

Jonathan Moorhead said...

I think it would be good to qualify that not all of David's "enemies" were alike. Goliath, for example, was killed and decapitated by David.

Jim said...

Jonathan, you raise a good point.

While David was fully justified and in fact required to destroy the heathen, they were definitely not the same kind of enemy as king Saul became.

As Christians, we will at times be misunderstood, mocked, or even openly insulted by fellow believers. How we respond will reveal much about our character and how understanding of God's sovereignty.

God bless,