Friday, July 14, 2006

Our Man has Balls!!

It has been extremely refreshing to now have a Prime Minister who stands for more than the popular vote.

For the past 13 years we have had to put up with compromise after compromise, as the former leaders attempted to please everyone from the same-sex marriage advocates to the separatist Bloc Quebecqois.

Now, Prime Minister Stephen Harper is now attempting to right the wrongs and bring some sanity and honesty to the halls of government. After 5 months in office, his mandate is making some obvious improvements.

First, he has reestablished ties to the U.S. administration, which our former leadership had shamefully ridiculed.

Secondly, he has taken the reins of power by sticking to his word on several issues, such as reducing the GST and expanding the military's budget.

But, today I was very impressed to see his comments relating to the current Israeli-Lebanon conflict. Contrary to the apathetic leaders of Europe, he is acknowledging Israels right to a sovereign defense, and during his meeting with Tony Blair cited the need for Hezbollah to release the IDF soldiers as the way to achieve peace. Why is almost every head of state opposed to Israel's right to self-defense?

May God continue to give our Prime Minister wisdom, courage, and integrity to do and say the right things, no matter how politically incorrect. Now, let's pray he will have some guts to stand against the same-sex legislation illegally ramrodded through by the last government.

God bless Canada!


bobby grow said...

Wow, so do you, Jim! Your title is well, balsy ;~)!

Rose~ said...

What's a balsy? (Just kiddin.)

I am glad the PM has a backbone.

Jim said...

Yes, I guess I could have used the spanish phrase for that as well.

In this day and age, it is hard to find men who will stand on conviction rather than popularity.

To that end, may we be men (and women) of conviction and principle.